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Are you desperate to sell and could benefit from having some cash quickly ? we can help! Our company specialises mainly in the purchasing of run-down or well-maintained residential properties for cash as well as commercial property and land. We provide a free, immediate no obligation offer within 48 hours after viewing your property, and if accepted we can complete in 14 days, or longer if you prefer

Clients range from ordinary vendors to corporates disposing part of their assets early to avoid any unecessary expense in the future. If you are finding time a constraint, please complete the Contact Us form and we will make you an

Finding the right agent and buyer is sometimes difficult and there is still no guarantee when you property will be sold. Because of this uncertainty, not being able to plan decisevely may affect important deadlines you may need to meet.

London Real Estates Ltd prides itself in satisfying many clients needs in making that genuine offer and having an agreed date when your property will be sold.


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